3-D TV

My Official Contest Entry for this year’s Doritos Crash the Super Bowl ad contest.

Director: Keith Hopkin / DP: Russ Heller / Art Direction: Sean Kean

Couch Guy Left: Chris Polansky, Couch Guy Right: Jason Sáenz / Referee: Adam Gerloff / Doritos Girl: Becky Berowski

Special thanks to Kara for letting us use her place!


Crash the Super Bowl (in 3D)

I’ve entered the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl ad contest a few times in the past few years (See Last Year’s entry here).  I decided to throw something together last minute. With the help of Sean Kean’s “SimpleVision”,  Russ Heller and a few of my friends from UCB classes we spent a day shooting “3D TV” in Bushwick. Here are a few stills.

Chris Polansy and Jason Saenz
Chris Polansky and Jason Sáenz
Becky Berowski
Becky Berowski

Gross Relations – “Fuzzy Timelines”

New video I directed for Gross Relations. This is what happens when you feed a band a bottle and a half of whiskey.

Director: Keith Hopkin
DP: Russ Heller

Shot on Canon 7D, 60fps.

7″ and Free Download:


“Gross Relations is a new band from Brooklyn that is, indeed, pretty sick. These four dudes rock the lo-fi guitar/bass/distorted vocals thing. But Gross Relations also rock some surprisingly happy sounding keys over all the controlled melodic clutter. And those keys are key indeed. Those keys bring the POP out and make things sound more interesting. Gosh, pop rules, doesn’t it?” – Oh My Rocknes