GoPro Premiere Pro CS5 Settings

Posted by Keith on May 15th, 2011 at 12:16 pm

This is what I’m currently using to edit my GoPro video in Premiere Pro CS5 on MacOSX. Your Video Preview Codecs will probably different than mine. You might have “Cineform” listed or you might just want to use “Quicktime”.

For 1080p (“r5”) I use this:

For 720p @60fps I use this:
(After looking at this screen shot a few weeks later  I realized that I don’t typically have the codec set to “Animation”. Usually it’s .h264 I believe)

Don’t worry about the frame rate here. Assuming you shot 60fps so you can edit slow motion footage…after you import your 60fps clips right-click them and select “Interpret Footage”

Then set “Assume this frame rate” to 29.97 (I’m pretty sure you don’t want to set it at 30 but I could be wrong).

For 3D I’ve downloaded the Cineform 3D trial. It loads all of the presets for you but it costs $999 if you want to buy it. “FirstLight” which is the application that comes with this download is more powerful than the free GoPro Cineform 3D download.

Somebody at Cineform support said that Neo v5.5 is probably a good choice for my needs.

I would suggest looking at our Neo v5.5 product (it will eventually get renamed Studio Premium, and it’s only $299). This gives you FirstLight and everything you will need to edit your GoPro 3D footage as you’ve been doing in your Neo3D trial..

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  2. Well, hallelujah for this Godsend! I’ve been looking for these settings for 2 years! Can you tell me which version of GoPro camera you are using? I have GoPro HD Hero and GoPro Hero 2. Would these be the same settings?

  3. Repeating my reply here as well for ya!
    Hehe. I’m glad I could help. I made this post so people could find it. Should be the same for Hero 2 since they both shoot 1080 and 720. Like I said above, better to set the Video Preview codec to Quicktime .h264. It doesn’t really matter though since that is just what the system uses for previewing clips you have FX on. Tip: Make the dimensions really small and those previews will render faster!