Mark Malkoff’s Free Cab Rides

I’m proud to announce Mark Malkoff’s “Free Cab Rides”. ¬†Malkoff asked fans and strangers to tweet and facebook him all day for free cab rides. ¬†I spent a day shooting and many days editing. Watch it on now!

Mark Malkoff's Free Cab Rides directed by Keith Hopkin on

Directed by:
Keith Hopkin

Starring & Written by:
Mark Malkoff

Cab Driver:
Sean Kean (as himself)

Produced by:
Keith Hopkin, Mark Malkoff

Associate Producers:
Kelly Ann Sharman
Sammi Lang

Jimmy Lee, Keith Hopkin, Sammi Lang, Christine Peel

Kara Dahlberg

Press Coverage:

The Daily News

The Village Voice

The Consumerist

Huffington Post