The Beauty of a Second

Montblanc recently ran a film contest called “The Beauty of a Second”. Throughout the submission period Montblanc released a great series of 60 second compilations containing, you guessed it, sixty one second clips. Below is the last in the series in which they featured one second of  “Dogs In Cars“.


This compilation was recently featured on’s front page.

Montblanc Beauty of a Second featured on MSN, Dogs in Cars


If you are a fan of my video “Dogs In Cars” you might enjoy this series I shot with Vornado. You may recognize Ronnie and Clancy from “Dogs In Cars”.  I’d like to introduce you to Bruce Willis (aka “Bruce”) a female Brussels Griffon who is the mascot of  Production Junction.

To see all three Vornado videos check out

Director: Keith Hopkin
DP: Dave McGrath
Doug Whisperer: Theresa Alessio

Shot on Canon C300


Dan McNeil HTC One ad

A short clip from my video “Pool Party” featuring my friend Dan McNeil spinning off the diving board was selected for use in this HTC One ad. Spot his mug at  :33. Enjoy!


Watch the original “Pool Party” video.
Music: Eddie Grant – “Electric Avenue”