Savour Every Moment

I spent the last few months on a project that I’m really proud of.  Thanks to an artistic grant from Petcurean Pet Nutrition [ ]I had the opportunity to create something really special for myself and the pet owners of the world. It’s called “Savour Every Moment” and is a short film that tries to capture what we love about our pets.

Link to YouTube:

The original score is written by my friend Carly Comando who is an amazing musician and I am really happy she had the chance to work on this with me. I had a great time shooting with C.J. Gardella (Producer) and Dave McGrath (Director of Photography) and look forward to future projects together.

I was really excited to pull in pet photographer Seth Casteel for the pool shoot portion of this project. He’s an awesome guy and great photographer.  We had a blast working together that day. He has a stunning book out called “Underwater Dogs“. If you haven’t seen his work online you should check it out!

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You can buy the beautiful score in “Savour Every Moment” written by Carly Comando on iTunes!

This project wouldn’t have been possible without all of the amazing friends, pet owners and of course animals! There wasn’t enough room in the film to thank everyone so at the end of this post is a complete list. But first, here are some stills!

Mia - White German Shepherd from "Savour Every Moment" by Keith Hopkin

Cat and Jupiter from "Savour Every Moment" by Keith Hopkin

Bonkers from "Savour Every Moment" by Keith Hopkin

Mark, Kona and Bree from "Savour Every Moment" by Keith Hopkin

Post color grade by Gavin Rosenberg at Merge Creative Media

And now the thank you list!

Shar and Owen, Jeff and Lisa at the Red Robin Song Guest House, Brian Applegate, Paul Bajerczak, Scott Barber, Mitch Bergsma, Cat Black, Doug Bresler, Jeff Campbell, Angie Carlson, Seth Casteel, Jared Cicon, Matthew C., Drew Dewitt, Chris Edwards, Jesse Garcia, Alexis Gardella, Marilyn Hopkin, Justin at Nocturnal Lights, Alexa Kadish, Noah Kalina, Peter Keane, Ferraby Lionheart, Neil Lucey, Mark  Martin, Chris Mauch, Heather McCandless, Bree  Melanson, Regina Melzer, Jane Park Mohr, Pete P., Jeremy and Vanessa Perman, Production Junction, Rachel Postman, Aaron and Jessica Rathbun, Mary S., Lawrence Scaduto, Antonio Simonini, Jason Stare, Elka Stern, Kim and Adrian Sultana, Jamie Surenkamp.

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“Savour Every Moment” Film Premiere

I’m excited to show everyone what I’ve been working on for the past few months. It is a short film featuring some really adorable dogs and cats doing what they do best. Thanks to an artistic grant from Petcurean I was able to pool together some really talented friends.

I spent a few weeks in New York and California shooting cats and dogs with C.J. Gardella and Dave McGrath. I also had a great opportunity to spend a day with “Underwater Dogs” photographer Seth Casteel who helped make some of the underwater shots a reality. It was a blast. My friend Carly Comando wrote an amazing piano piece for this as well. I’m really excited to share the end result!

The project will premiere at the Petcurean tent during the Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair which will take place on Greenwich Street between Chambers and Hubert St on Saturday April 27, 2013. We will be showing the film all day in their tent so come on by! Some of the stars will be available for pawtographs as well.

If you can’t make it to the event it will be online soon enough! I hope to see you there!

Click here for the facebook event