Winter Dogs (iPhone6 Slo-Mo at 240fps)

One of the most exciting things to me in camera technology right now is the addition and improvements of higher frame rate video. The iPhone6 has the ability to shoot 240fps at a resolution of 720p. This is pretty amazing! I recently shot some footage of Boo and Mia playing in the snow and here’s what I put together. Enjoy!

Winter Dogs


Girl Voice – Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2015 Semi-Finalist

I’m really excited to announce that my submission this year for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl ad contest has been chosen as a semi-finalist. It stars the talented Matt Bittner who does a hilarious “girl voice”. Have a look at the spot I co-created with Ryan Clark and then check out the clip of Matt below doing an impromptu voice.

Doritos “Girl Voice” (2015 Crash The Super Bowl Semi-Finalist) 

Director: Keith Hopkin
Writer/Producer: Ryan Clark
Girl Voice Guy: Matt Bittner –
Guy 1: Eitan Levine @Eitanthegoalie
Guy 2: Jake Keefe
DP: Dave McGrath
Location Sound: Gavin Borden
1st AC: Andy Mavra
Key Gaffer: Dave Dinaburg

Matt Bittner “Girl Voice”