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GoPro Karma

I’ve always been a fan of GoPro cameras. They were the enabling camera technology that allowed me to shoot the viral video series Dogs in Cars with their first HD model. Now they’ve jumped into the drone market. They’ve been teasing this all year and I just caught a Live Stream of GoPro CEO Nick Woodman presenting the new Karma package. It looks pretty awesome. They have created a companion product much like the DJI Osmo gimbal. So look forward to a LOT of smooth, stabilized footage from the GoPro community. I’m excited to get my hands on one of these. It starts at $799 without a camera.

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We had a McLaren 675LT for a few days at Mashable HQ and thought it would be a great idea to have YouTuber Casey Neistat hop in the driver’s seat and try to race cycling/filmmaking superstar Lucas Brunelle through some midday traffic. Check out our action packed video and then check out Casey’s vlog for some other great scenes from his action packed trip from the LES to the Upper West.

GoPro shooting notes: Two interior GoPro cameras were powered the entire ride off of two New Trent USB battery packs and shot at 1080/24fps. I hooked Casey up to a Sony ECM66B Wired Lav and recorded to a Tascam DR-40. Audio was sync’d up in post.

GoPro on McClaren with Casey Neistat


More behind the scenes photos on Mashable.

I was attempting to shoot video with a GoPro Hero3+ mounted to a car wheel. A few folks have made some interesting dizzying videos with this technique. Unfortunately mine wasn’t fastened tight enough and flew off at high speed. I wouldn’t recommend doing this.

Smashed GoPro Hero3+

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the Micro SD card. If you’re interested in what my video might have looked like if the camera didn’t get destroyed in the process check out these:

“A Camera on a Car Wheel, The Time Tunnel, Boris Blank – Avant Garden; Yello”
Januray 14, 2014
by Dirk Koy

“Sketch Three: Avant-Garde (R.P.M. 2)”
July 21, 2014
by Ryan Fox

“GoPro Go Dizzy On Car Wheel!”
August 8, 2014
by Mitch Bergsma

On a lighter note I made a silly vine showing the GoPro damage. Click here.

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Continuing my Timeslice experiments I decided to try something new out. Instead of multiple cameras how about one GoPro camera shooting at 240fps on a slider being thrust as hard as possible? I built a simple camera sliders with some Home Depot parts and came up with the following:

(Special thanks to Sean Kean for his help.)

Direct YouTube Link


Keith Hopkin with GoPro Slider

Here’s the slider. Pretty simple!



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One of the exciting things that has simultaneously sprung up in this GoPro era of video is drone technology – in this case quad-copters. Flown by a single pilot  and sometimes a second operator to control the on-board camera, these tools have exploded on the consumer market in the past few years thanks to a company called DJI. With a stabilizing gimbal one of these copters can help produce some really interesting shots. Here is a collection of shots that my friend Chris and I created using a variety of DJI copters and a GoPro Hero3 Black.


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Had a fun shoot with my GoPro Meetup group. We spent a few hours shooting Ark on is motorcycle in Brooklyn. Chris brought one of his quad copters and we tried a few different shots. This is also the first time I decided to shoot in Protune which is GoPro’s higher bitrate (35Mbps) flat color profile (Hero3 Black).  GoPro’s recommended workflow is to run clips through their Cineform application. I’ve done some tests and their software does a nice job of applying the “GoPro look” on the footage. I opted for skipping this step and doing color grading directly in Adobe Premiere to attempt the same look. I started to get myself wrapped up in color grading tutorials and might have pushed a few things too much (or not enough??  I’m still learning this process).

Protune also produces a softer image. Apparently the camera does some sharpening with Protune off. I haven’t  been able to figure out an equivalent unsharp mask setting in Premiere that mimics Cineform or the camera’s non-Protune output.

The 3D text at the end was done with After Effects’ new amazing 3D Camera Tracker feature. It actually analyzes footage and generates a virtual 3D space (great tutorial here:

I’m including both YouTube and Vimeo versions here.  As expected the YouTube compression has done a number on some of these shots while the Vimeo upload is much cleaner.

Directing/Editing: Keith Hopkin, Copter: Christopher Kaczmarzyk [], Biker: Arkadiy Birger
Special thanks to the GoPros who participated in shooting: Lior Burg, Orlando Benedicto, Tom Lassu, Sean Keane
Additional thanks to Magnet Media for providing a “pre-production” meetup space.

direct link: YouTube 

direct link: vimeo