Elon Musk is actually a Best Buy Employee

In my last post I shared my recent exploration of Midjourney’s powerful AI image generation capabilities in the form of 4 images of Mark Zuckerberg in an alternate timeline. I now present Elon Musk in an alternate timeline as a Best Buy sales associate. These 4 images were generated with Midjourney V6 and some tweaks were made in Photoshop.


2023 was quite a year for AI. I don’t think I need to write about how much it has impacted everything as we know it or how it will impact the future.

Instead I will leave you with these 4 images I generated using Midjourney V6’s unbelievable image generation tool. I spent some time with Midjourney to see if I could sculpt a specific mood and narrative and ended up with this concept of an alternate timeline of Mark Zuckerberg who, in this timeline, is a manager of a Staples office supply store. Some tweaks were also done in Photoshop which has also made huge leaps in the AI space as well.

Happy new year!

Best of “Dogs in Cars”

Back in 2011 I published a video called “Dogs in Cars“. It was a big hit and I followed it up with two more – “Dogs in Cars: California” (2012) and “Dogs in Cars: Miami” (2015).  I decided to compile my favorite shots all together in this best of compilation. Enjoy!


“Just Like Honey” by The Jesus and Mary Chain
Performed by Mark Lewis

Shot entirely with GoPro cameras

I’m Three!

Well, I’m definitely not 3 but my kid is! And for his third birthday I wrote him a song called “I’m Three!” and made a video. This track is a Ramones inspired punk song highlighting my son’s … three-ness. I hope you enjoy it!

Song written and performed by Keith Hopkin
Illustrations: Sean Fredrick
Animation: Keith Hopkin

New Video: Oatmeal Everywhere

I finished a new video for my song “Oatmeal Everywhere” which was a song I came up with when my son started eating oatmeal. If you’re a new parent you understand the struggle to keep your kid’s food on the plate and in his mouth :). Enjoy!

Oatmeal Everywhere
Song written and performed by Keith Hopkin
Illustrations: Sean Fredrick
Animation: Keith Hopkin
Recording: Collin Blendell

See my first song and video called “J is for Jude”