100 Meals

In 2006 I submitted a video to a Boston Market video contest called “My Extra Hour”. I won 3rd place. The prizing included a $1,000 gift card to Circuit City and $755 worth of Boston Market gift cards. I blew through the Circuit City cash real fast but what was I going to do with approximate 100 meals’ worth of Boston Market? I decided to share my winnings and document it in the process – 100Meals.com exists as this online document. I invite you to see exactly what I ate for my seventh meal after going to the beach on 7-30-2006 , what a vegetarian might eat for lunch at a rotisserie chicken chain or which one of my friends refuses to go outside of his 5 block radius for lunch. Enjoy!

100Meals. com - A document of Keith Hopkin's Boston Market prize winnings



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