Dowload mp3s from for free

I don’t feel good about stealing mp3s but this is how you can download mp3s to your hard drive through

(I’m doing this on Windows XP. Probably no different on a Mac)

1. Download Charles

Download the free trial of Charles Web Debugging Proxy. This is a great tool used by most web developers to see everything that is downloaded to your computer on a website. Free trial download (worth buying!). Follow their docs and set up according to your browser. There’s a Firefox extension that does this automatically. *

2. “Stream” your track

If you already have a account simply browse to the track you want. Make sure you already have Charles open and its functioning (you will know if this is the case). Make sure the track is fully downloaded.

3. Save the mp3

Switch over to Charles. It should look similar to the image below depending on how many sites you browsed to since opening Charles. If you’re confused, hit the Trash can icon which will clear the history then start from there. If you try the same track again you might need to clear your browser’s cache for it to appear in Charles again.

Charles Save

Rename the file and make sure you give it an mp3 extension.

Charles Save Teen Age Riot


* If you don’t need Charles for anything else I recommend you don’t leave it open. It will slow down your browsing and may create various security errors on various sites.

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