9 Replies to “YouGotBiebered On CollegeHumor.com”

  1. 😀 <3 It YouGotBiebered 😀 Woop Woop! Lol Love You Justin Bieber And All Your songs. Biggest Fan Ever!!!!!!

    Twitter Siannagh_S


  2. haha omg i fell 4 it!!! i got BIEBERED!! still <33333 ya justin!!! nice one lol 🙂 i ♥ justin bieber!!!

  3. omg…jerk but i cant believe u said B**** like i kinda dont like u anymore i thot u were a good boy and me being a Christian and all i dont think that u r a good influence..imagine how many little yung girls watched that video??!!!..what do u think their parents are gonna do..im sorry but u just lost a HHHUUUUGGGE FAN…i am sorry but i am also gonna refund my tickets…

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