A few weeks ago my co-workers and I took part in Music Hack Day in NY. We created a simple to use service that allows anyone to tweet music. You send us the name of the artist and we build a playlist for you or your friend. Check out this great Mashable article for more info and then start rocking! Try it out right now by tweeting in one of the following formats:

arcade fire @sndchck

or make a suggestion to a friend:

@KeithHopkin arcade fire @sndchck

Now just come to, sign in with your twitter account and we’ll do the rest.

SndChck - tweet music

I wanted Ricky to here some Mogwai so I tweeted

@rickyrobinett mogwai @sndchck

Here’s what his page looks like:

RickyRobinett on SndChck

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