GoPro NY – Extreme Tourism

I started a Meetup group for GoPro camera enthusiasts in NYC. We got together 10/24/2012 for our first meetup called “Extreme Tourism”. We had a blast. Here’s a video we shot together.

You can read more about the Meetup group and this event here.

The video above was shot on Hero1 and Hero2 cameras. I learned that shooting with the new ProTune feature the bitrate of the video is much higher and the colors more flat. The higher bitrate seemed to require more processing power and slowed editing down a bit.

Highlights of this event include Charging Bull (Downtown), Guy in a Gorilla Suit, Brooklyn Bridge ,Quad Copter on the High Line (Meat Packing), Columbus Circle, Central Park, Trickers, Top of the Rock

Special thanks to the folks from the Renegade Photo group who spent the day with us:

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