Savour Every Moment – Director’s Cut

Earlier this year I worked on a really great project for Petcurean. “Savour Every Moment” explores the bond that we share with our loving pets. Between all of the filming in the winter of upstate New York and the southern California sun I had a lot of really great footage to compile. Unfortunately some of it didn’t make the final cut, but I am happy to present to you the extended director’s cut. In the coming weeks I will also be posting some behind the scenes clips and some other outtakes. For now, enjoy this version of “Savour Every Moment” !

on vimeo | on YouTube

Directed by Keith Hopkin –
Original Score by Carly Comando (itunes: )
Produced by C. J. Gardella | Directory of Photography – Dave McGrath
Special thanks to Petcurean for the generous artistic grant!


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