Winter Dogs (iPhone6 Slo-Mo at 240fps)

One of the most exciting things to me in camera technology right now is the addition and improvements of higher frame rate video. The iPhone6 has the ability to shoot 240fps at a resolution of 720p. This is pretty amazing! I recently shot some footage of Boo and Mia playing in the snow and here’s what I put together. Enjoy!

Winter Dogs


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  1. Hey Keith,

    Aaron Rathbun tipped me off to your fantastic go pro work. Just curious to know if you have started getting involved with drones and aerial photography yet

    1. Hey Rich, what’s up?!

      Yes, indeed. I’ve been flying copters with a friend of mine. Check out these:


      This is a collection of footage shot in upstate NY

      Dronie (short 15 second clip)

      Some guy coined the term “dronie” (selfie+drone)

      Meetup Group

      Something I did with my GoPro Meetup Group

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