Supercar vs. Bike with Casey Neistat

We had a McLaren 675LT for a few days at Mashable HQ and thought it would be a great idea to have YouTuber Casey Neistat hop in the driver’s seat and try to race cycling/filmmaking superstar Lucas Brunelle through some midday traffic. Check out our action packed video and then check out Casey’s vlog for some other great scenes from his action packed trip from the LES to the Upper West.

GoPro shooting notes: Two interior GoPro cameras were powered the entire ride off of two New Trent USB battery packs and shot at 1080/24fps. I hooked Casey up to a Sony ECM66B Wired Lav and recorded to a Tascam DR-40. Audio was sync’d up in post.

GoPro on McClaren with Casey Neistat


More behind the scenes photos on Mashable.

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