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Coming this fall, the Instagram movie is here.


GoPro Premiere Pro CS5 Settings

This is what I’m currently using to edit my GoPro video in Premiere Pro CS5 on MacOSX. Your Video Preview Codecs will probably different than mine. You might have “Cineform” listed or you might just want to use “Quicktime”.

For 1080p (“r5”) I use this:

For 720p @60fps I use this:
(After looking at this screen shot a few weeks later  I realized that I don’t typically have the codec set to “Animation”. Usually it’s .h264 I believe)

Don’t worry about the frame rate here. Assuming you shot 60fps so you can edit slow motion footage…after you import your 60fps clips right-click them and select “Interpret Footage”

Then set “Assume this frame rate” to 29.97 (I’m pretty sure you don’t want to set it at 30 but I could be wrong).

For 3D I’ve downloaded the Cineform 3D trial. It loads all of the presets for you but it costs $999 if you want to buy it. “FirstLight” which is the application that comes with this download is more powerful than the free GoPro Cineform 3D download.

Somebody at Cineform support said that Neo v5.5 is probably a good choice for my needs.

I would suggest looking at our Neo v5.5 product (it will eventually get renamed Studio Premium, and it’s only $299). This gives you FirstLight and everything you will need to edit your GoPro 3D footage as you’ve been doing in your Neo3D trial..

Join my NYC GoPro meetup group here.

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Load swfobject into facebox and an IE bug

I recently had some issues trying to load a swf via swfobject into a facebox. Swfobject 2.2 gives me some additional functionality including the ability to remove the swf completely when my facebox is closed. This was a problem for me in IE because audio from my swf continued to play after closing the facebox. The main problem is that facebox makes a duplicate of the content loaded on the page and places it inside its modal. At this point we have two IDs of the same name and can no longer control an element or object by ID. So I decided to add the new div with the initial facebox call and then use this new div for the swfobject. Here’s a quick example of code (sorry it’s so narrow and difficult to read):

Make sure you are loading jQuery, facebox and swobject 2.2

$(document).bind('reveal.facebox', function() {
swfobject.embedSWF("yourfilename.swf", "yourDiv", "400", "300", "8","expressInstall.swf");
$(document).bind("close.facebox", function(){
// Otherwise audio keeps playing in IE
}) ;



In addition, if you want to keep the facebox centered when the browser is resized, try this!

var pWidth = $(document).width();
$("#facebox").css("left",pWidth / 2 - ($("#facebox table").width() / 2));


Dowload mp3s from for free

I don’t feel good about stealing mp3s but this is how you can download mp3s to your hard drive through

(I’m doing this on Windows XP. Probably no different on a Mac)

1. Download Charles

Download the free trial of Charles Web Debugging Proxy. This is a great tool used by most web developers to see everything that is downloaded to your computer on a website. Free trial download (worth buying!). Follow their docs and set up according to your browser. There’s a Firefox extension that does this automatically. *

2. “Stream” your track

If you already have a account simply browse to the track you want. Make sure you already have Charles open and its functioning (you will know if this is the case). Make sure the track is fully downloaded.

3. Save the mp3

Switch over to Charles. It should look similar to the image below depending on how many sites you browsed to since opening Charles. If you’re confused, hit the Trash can icon which will clear the history then start from there. If you try the same track again you might need to clear your browser’s cache for it to appear in Charles again.

Charles Save

Rename the file and make sure you give it an mp3 extension.

Charles Save Teen Age Riot


* If you don’t need Charles for anything else I recommend you don’t leave it open. It will slow down your browsing and may create various security errors on various sites.

Jörn Zaefferer’s Tooltip Hacks

I added two settings variables to the plugin:

positionVar: boolean

appendElement: ‘#mydiv’

positionVar sets a condition of whether to use the calculated positioning or otherwise just use the positioning from the settings.

appendElement replaces the default body.document parameter for the appendTo function. Instead, we want to position the tooltip inside of an element with relative positioning so we can give it a ‘static’ position.

Now that the tooltip has been positioned precisely we can unbind and bind events to the tooltip and the container div. Add this below the tooltip initialization. (sorry for the narrow layout)

$('#container').bind('mouseout', function() { $('#tooltip').css("opacity", 0); });
$('#container').bind('mouseover', function() { $('#tooltip').css("opacity", 100); });

See example here
Make sure to escape your html characters in your title tag if you want to add links to the tooltip content.

Based on  Jörn Zaefferer’s jquery tooltip plugin.