GoPro Hero4 Prototype

Just got a hold of a GoPro Hero4 prototype. As you can see it’s impossibly small!

GoPro Hero4 Prototype

My Apple Review

“That’s What SHE Said!”

This joke is juvenile, terrible and stupid. It’s not even funny. OK, sometimes it is! Especially when it’s in this context. I noticed a trend in user reviews on Apple’s new Lightning to USB cables (required for the iPhone5). I made this review, Apple  approved it and now it is the “most useful” review of this product on the site. Currently 1,275 of 1,411 people think it’s “useful” 🙂

USB to Lightning Cable Review by Keith Hopkin

You can rate my review on Apple here if you’d like.
Update 10/31/2012: Looks like Apple removed my review. Oh well!

That's What She Said Apple USB to Lightning Cable Review by Keith Hopkin

Update: Looks like it ended up on a site dedicated to ridiculous reviews.

Mark Malkoff’s Free Cab Rides

I’m proud to announce Mark Malkoff’s “Free Cab Rides”.  Malkoff asked fans and strangers to tweet and facebook him all day for free cab rides.  I spent a day shooting and many days editing. Watch it on now!

Mark Malkoff's Free Cab Rides directed by Keith Hopkin on

Directed by:
Keith Hopkin

Starring & Written by:
Mark Malkoff

Cab Driver:
Sean Kean (as himself)

Produced by:
Keith Hopkin, Mark Malkoff

Associate Producers:
Kelly Ann Sharman
Sammi Lang

Jimmy Lee, Keith Hopkin, Sammi Lang, Christine Peel

Kara Dahlberg

Press Coverage:

The Daily News

The Village Voice

The Consumerist

Huffington Post


Justin Bieber JibJab

My Dreams have been answered: