Teach Your Dog to Take a Selfie

You read that title right! Using this hilarious and simple hardware hack and the Twilio communication service you can hook up a giant button to an Arduino and a webcam and teach your dog to snap photos that are automatically sent to your phone!

Read more about how to do it here: http://mashable.com/2016/07/26/teach-dog-text-selfie/

Special thanks to Greg Baugues for making this happen.


Old Dogs, New Tricks

November is senior pet month. Look at all of the amazing tricks they can do! At Mashable we shot the 103rd Annual Old Dogs, New Tricks show. Adopt a senior pet!  Enjoy 🙂

A Corgi Tea Party

At Mashable we sometimes celebrate occasions with animals. Here are four Corgis celebrating Queen Elizabeth II becoming Britain’s longest reigning monarch. Enjoy!

BarkBox Part 2

I’m working on a new pooch video with my friends at BarkBox/BarkPost. A few years ago I directed a few short spots featuring some of my best friends – Have a look here!

Here’s a behind the scenes shot of Audrey and I. Stay tuned for the final video 🙂


Keith Hopkin