A drone that will play with your dog

A drone that plays with your dog

In this edition of drones doing chores at home I bring you a dog that plays with your drone. Or is it a drone that plays with your dog. In any case, enjoy!

Video by Keith Hopkin
Drone Pilot: Christopher Kaczmarzyk
Host: Max Knoblauch
Special Thanks to Joe Dobise


GoPro Karma

GoPro Karma

I’ve always been a fan of GoPro cameras. They were the enabling camera technology that allowed me to shoot the viral video series Dogs in Cars with their first HD model. Now they’ve jumped into the drone market. They’ve been teasing this all year and I just caught a Live Stream of GoPro CEO Nick Woodman presenting the new Karma package. It looks pretty awesome. They have created a companion product much like the DJI Osmo gimbal. So look forward to a LOT of smooth, stabilized footage from the GoPro community. I’m excited to get my hands on one of these. It starts at $799 without a camera.

Coney Island in 4K (Phantom2 Aerial GoPro Hero4)

This is a collection of footage I shot for Ambarella who provides the enabling processing technology inside of the GoPro Hero4 camera. Shot at 4K @29.97 fps. Read more about Ambarella.


Directing/Editing: Keith Hopkin
Aerials: Chris Kaczmarzyk
Music: Carly Comando “Cellar”
Courtesy of Deep Elm Records


One of the exciting things that has simultaneously sprung up in this GoPro era of video is drone technology Рin this case quad-copters. Flown by a single pilot  and sometimes a second operator to control the on-board camera, these tools have exploded on the consumer market in the past few years thanks to a company called DJI. With a stabilizing gimbal one of these copters can help produce some really interesting shots. Here is a collection of shots that my friend Chris and I created using a variety of DJI copters and a GoPro Hero3 Black.