I decided to give the GoPro suction cup mount a whirl. I’m impressed. Couple that with a pole and we have:

Music: Deadmau5 “Some Chords”

Coming up next..Some tips on GoPro 3D workflow.

Pool Party!

Well… this was a blast:

Music: Eddy Grant “Electric Avenue”

Rottweiler The Best – “All Night Radio” in 3D

Here’s a 3D video I shot for Brooklyn garage punk band Rotteiler The Best (now known as “Geek Skull”). I picked up the GoPro 3D kit as soon as it came out and got together with these guys in their studio for this shoot. Some production notes below. Enjoy!

Rottweiler The Best – “All Night Radio” in 3D.
Wear your 3D-glasses like this: [–[RED]–[BLUE]–]

Rottweiler The Best – “All Night Radio” in 2D

Watch on YouTube’s 3D player in various formats, including 2D:


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GoPro: Paris

I just returned from my first trip to Paris, France. With so much to see and take in I only had a limited time to hook up the ol’ GoPro. I decided to test out the camera’s stop motion capabilities and here’s what I came up with.


GoPro (underwater) 3D: Pool

Just started shooting with my new GoPro 3D rig. In between editing a music video I just shot for my friends Rottweiler The Best I had some fun in the pool the last few days in Florida. Thanks to this really great tutorial on 3D video workflow I found by Dave Helmly I now know how to throw my GoPro 3D footage into the workflow. The YouTube player can automatically handle 3D footage uploaded in the Side by Side format, giving the user control over how they want to display it. Although it doesn’t look like 3D is currently supported in embed.

Here’s a link to the YouTube Video:

And here’s a flattened Red/Cyan format I uploaded to Vimeo: