I’m Three!

Well, I’m definitely not 3 but my kid is! And for his third birthday I wrote him a song called “I’m Three!” and made a video. This track is a Ramones inspired punk song highlighting my son’s … three-ness. I hope you enjoy it!

Song written and performed by Keith Hopkin
Illustrations: Sean Fredrick
Animation: Keith Hopkin


A few years ago I started writing and recording music for my son Jude when he was 4 months old. I decided to start making videos for those songs. Here is the first one called “J is for Jude (The Alphabet Song)”. It features my friend Sean’s illustrations which he calls “Simplevision”. Enjoy!


I shot a live in-studio performance by Australian band Twerps performing a catchy song called “Back to You”.

Shot with Canon 5D MKII, MicroPro LED, a few overhead light bulbs and a few takes.

Recorded by Mike Kutchman at Kutch-1 Studios in Brooklyn, NY March 12, 2015



Rottweiler The Best – “All Night Radio” in 3D

Here’s a 3D video I shot for Brooklyn garage punk band Rotteiler The Best (now known as “Geek Skull”). I picked up the GoPro 3D kit as soon as it came out and got together with these guys in their studio for this shoot. Some production notes below. Enjoy!

Rottweiler The Best – “All Night Radio” in 3D.
Wear your 3D-glasses like this: [–[RED]–[BLUE]–]

Rottweiler The Best – “All Night Radio” in 2D

Watch on YouTube’s 3D player in various formats, including 2D:


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