Gross Relations – “Fuzzy Timelines”

New video I directed for Gross Relations. This is what happens when you feed a band a bottle and a half of whiskey.

Director: Keith Hopkin
DP: Russ Heller

Shot on Canon 7D, 60fps.

7″ and Free Download:

“Gross Relations is a new band from Brooklyn that is, indeed, pretty sick. These four dudes rock the lo-fi guitar/bass/distorted vocals thing. But Gross Relations also rock some surprisingly happy sounding keys over all the controlled melodic clutter. And those keys are key indeed. Those keys bring the POP out and make things sound more interesting. Gosh, pop rules, doesn’t it?” – Oh My Rocknes

Catastrophic Neon Rainbow – “I Had a Bird”

The Catastrophic Neon Rainbow video is up. Thanks again to everyone who backed us through the Kickstarter project. You can get more information here:

Catastrophic Neon Rainbow Video Shoot
Photo: Mike DeSutter

More photos from the shoot here: