My Apple Review

“That’s What SHE Said!”

This joke is juvenile, terrible and stupid. It’s not even funny. OK, sometimes it is! Especially when it’s in this context. I noticed a trend in user reviews on Apple’s new Lightning to USB cables (required for the iPhone5). I made this review, Apple  approved it and now it is the “most useful” review of this product on the site. Currently 1,275 of 1,411 people think it’s “useful” 🙂

USB to Lightning Cable Review by Keith Hopkin

You can rate my review on Apple here if you’d like.
Update 10/31/2012: Looks like Apple removed my review. Oh well!

That's What She Said Apple USB to Lightning Cable Review by Keith Hopkin

Update: Looks like it ended up on a site dedicated to ridiculous reviews.

Car Art Festival

“Dogs in Cars”will be playing at The Car Art Festival Sept 8 & 9 in Delft, The Netherlands.
More about the festival here.
Car Art Festival 2012 in the Delft, The Netherlands

Moby tweeted my article

Moby tweets ThatSongSoundsLike article on buzzfeed

Moby tweeted a ThatSongSoundsLike article I posted on buzzfeed 🙂

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The Beauty of a Second

Montblanc recently ran a film contest called “The Beauty of a Second”. Throughout the submission period Montblanc released a great series of 60 second compilations containing, you guessed it, sixty one second clips. Below is the last in the series in which they featured one second of  “Dogs In Cars“.


This compilation was recently featured on’s front page.

Montblanc Beauty of a Second featured on MSN, Dogs in Cars

Automotive Ad Inspired by Dogs In Cars

Corgi Dog from Geely Ad based on Dogs In Cars

Uruguayan agency Notable Publicidad produced a national ad based on my video “Dogs In Cars“. The spot is for Geely – a Chinese auto manufacturer. I was in contact with them before they produced it.

The end tag (“la naturaleza te pide salir”) translates to “Nature calls you to come outside”.

They did a fantastic job with it! Enjoy!