GoPro HD Hero2 Unboxing

Just got the GoPro HD Hero2. Here’s a quick unboxing video I made (shot on iPhone 4). One of the key components under the hood is the more powerful Ambarella A5s chip. This is a an upgrade from the previous Ambarella A2s. It’s still amazing that these chips can pack even more power!

Thanks to NoYesNo (aka Mark Pernice) for the tunes.

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Count My Change

I recently had a large container of coins that I was ready to cash in on. Problem is, even with today’s technology Citibank and most banks still require their own customers to roll coins and write your account number on each roll.  I refuse to pay a retail coin machine (ie Coinstar) 10% for something Citibank should do as a service for its customers.  I am not being lazy here, it just doesn’t make sense that my own bank that handles cash and coins every single day can not provide this simple service for its own customers. Fortunately TD Bank seems to be the only bank around that offers coin counting as a free service for its customers (7% for others). So I had a friend who is a TD Bank customer cash them in for me.  I called and emailed Citibank and asked them if there was any way they could waive their fee for me  (a customer for the last ten years)  and their answer was no.

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ThatSongSoundsLike on YouTube

Last year I decided it would make sense to get some YouTube traffic for  Using Adobe After Effects I set up a fairly simple template that allows me to import new album art and audio and automatically render the waveforms.  Here is the video version of Britney Spears vs. Jermaine Jackson.

ThatSongSoundsLike on YouTube

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