Euegene Mirman teaches us yoga

Actor, comedian, writer, robot, friend and owl Eugene Mirman came by Mashable to teach us yoga. Wind down your week with these meditative poses.



I shot a live in-studio performance by Australian band Twerps performing a catchy song called “Back to You”.

Shot with Canon 5D MKII, MicroPro LED, a few overhead light bulbs and a few takes.

Recorded by Mike Kutchman at Kutch-1 Studios in Brooklyn, NY March 12, 2015



In between apartments I was staying with my in-laws and their amazing Shepherds – Boo and Mia (stars of “Dogs in Cars” and “Savour Every Moment“). When packing up my car with some essentials Mia really wanted to come with us. Even with the car completely full she was determined!

mia_01 mia_02 mia_03 mia_04 mia_05 mia_06

See you soon!

What is this thing called?

1/4" - 20 Camera Bolt, Nut, Whatever it's called  Check Nut, Knurled, 1/4-20, Steel


I recently had the problem of trying to find one of these things that screws on to a camera shoe-mount. I went into numerous camera stores, pointed to the part and asked what it was called and if I could just buy that part. Nobody could tell me what it was called and in all cases I would have to buy a $10 to $20 shoe so I can just get one or two of these pieces. I needed at least 5 of these. I couldn’t even figure out what to google.The only thing I knew for sure was that the thread 1/4″ – 20 (this refers to 1/4″ diameter and 20 threads per inch).

 Shoe Adapter with 1/4"-20 Stud Connector
Why does this thing cost $18.95 at B&H???

I found that searching with google images helped narrow down the search. I finally found a company called Drillspot that sells a “Check Nut, Knurled, 1/4-20, Steel“. Bingo. I would prefer them to be a bit wider but this will do.  I also found another company that sells plastic versions in bulk. They are cheap but too small to really use in this context.  I ordered a few of the steel nuts for my project. Yeah, shipping on these adds up but that’s how it goes. Buy them from here.  I’m sure you can find these elsewhere. Good luck!


Car Art Festival

“Dogs in Cars”will be playing at The Car Art Festival Sept 8 & 9 in Delft, The Netherlands.
More about the festival here.
Car Art Festival 2012 in the Delft, The Netherlands