A Profound Letter

Last year I got together with my friend Aidan Feldman to shoot an experimental piece with my GoPro camera. I wasn’t sure what we would end up with but I was pretty pleased with the outcome. Recently Aidan forwarded me an email he received from somebody who had stumbled upon the video. I’ve never received a reaction like this from any of my videos and I wanted to share this with you.

I have struggled with mental health issues my entire life. My first memories as a toddler, aside from fishing with my great-grandfather, were of banging my head on the floor and not being able to stop. The next ~42 years were a mix of depression, anxiety, and self-harming behavior. Recently, I was finally prescribed a medicine given to high-functioning autistics and a preliminary diagnosis to sit next to the bottle. I am now (thanks to the medicine) viewing a life around me that I am able to relate to and that translates into a language I comprehend. I am now engaging an existence I’d not known was there. It appears that I truly am autistic.

Part of autism is a feeling of not being in one’s body, of detachment from oneself. Two clicks into your company’s newsletter I was looking at a dance portrayal of something I have felt my whole life but have never had the words to convey.

I have been looping your “GoPro: Dance” with a playlist of two Gavin Greenaway songs for the past few days. I am not sure what you intended, but you succinctly danced what it feels like to be in my head. I will carry your dance with me for the rest of my life for when I need a reminder of where I originated. I want you to know that what you do has impact, far reaching. I want to thank you.




Dogs In Cars Update

Soon after posting the video “Dogs In Cars” on vimeo it was viewed a few hundred thousands times. I’m really happy that so many people’s days were uplifted by the blissful sight of these thirteen dogs. Even Ashton Kutcher tweeted the video @aplusk. At this time the video has been played over 840k times. Here are some  media highlights from the last few weeks:

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Mark Malkoff’s Free Cab Rides

I’m proud to announce Mark Malkoff’s “Free Cab Rides”.  Malkoff asked fans and strangers to tweet and facebook him all day for free cab rides.  I spent a day shooting and many days editing. Watch it on MyDamnChannel.com now!

Mark Malkoff's Free Cab Rides directed by Keith Hopkin on MyDamnChannel.com

Directed by:
Keith Hopkin

Starring & Written by:
Mark Malkoff

Cab Driver:
Sean Kean (as himself)

Produced by:
Keith Hopkin, Mark Malkoff

Associate Producers:
Kelly Ann Sharman
Sammi Lang

Jimmy Lee, Keith Hopkin, Sammi Lang, Christine Peel

Kara Dahlberg

Press Coverage:

The Daily News

The Village Voice

The Consumerist

Huffington Post