Dogs In Cars Update

Soon after posting the video “Dogs In Cars” on vimeo it was viewed a few hundred thousands times. I’m really happy that so many people’s days were uplifted by the blissful sight of these thirteen dogs. Even Ashton Kutcher tweeted the video @aplusk. At this time the video has been played over 840k times. Here are some  media highlights from the last few weeks:

Gizmodo Interview
Good Day Sacramento skype Interview
RightThisMinute skype Interview
GoPro Video of the Day
Video Contest King
Femme actuelle (French)
Pouch (Japanese)

Mark Malkoff’s Free Cab Rides

I’m proud to announce Mark Malkoff’s “Free Cab Rides”.  Malkoff asked fans and strangers to tweet and facebook him all day for free cab rides.  I spent a day shooting and many days editing. Watch it on now!

Mark Malkoff's Free Cab Rides directed by Keith Hopkin on

Directed by:
Keith Hopkin

Starring & Written by:
Mark Malkoff

Cab Driver:
Sean Kean (as himself)

Produced by:
Keith Hopkin, Mark Malkoff

Associate Producers:
Kelly Ann Sharman
Sammi Lang

Jimmy Lee, Keith Hopkin, Sammi Lang, Christine Peel

Kara Dahlberg

Press Coverage:

The Daily News

The Village Voice

The Consumerist

Huffington Post


ThatSongSoundsLike on YouTube

Last year I decided it would make sense to get some YouTube traffic for  Using Adobe After Effects I set up a fairly simple template that allows me to import new album art and audio and automatically render the waveforms.  Here is the video version of Britney Spears vs. Jermaine Jackson.

ThatSongSoundsLike on YouTube

ThatSongSoundsLike on twitter @songsoundslike

Rottweiler The Best – “All Night Radio” in 3D

Here’s a 3D video I shot for Brooklyn garage punk band Rotteiler The Best (now known as “Geek Skull”). I picked up the GoPro 3D kit as soon as it came out and got together with these guys in their studio for this shoot. Some production notes below. Enjoy!

Rottweiler The Best – “All Night Radio” in 3D.
Wear your 3D-glasses like this: [–[RED]–[BLUE]–]

Rottweiler The Best – “All Night Radio” in 2D

Watch on YouTube’s 3D player in various formats, including 2D:

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