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Last year I decided it would make sense to get some YouTube traffic for  Using Adobe After Effects I set up a fairly simple template that allows me to import new album art and audio and automatically render the waveforms.  Here is the video version of Britney Spears vs. Jermaine Jackson.

ThatSongSoundsLike on YouTube

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Rottweiler The Best – “All Night Radio” in 3D

Here’s a 3D video I shot for Brooklyn garage punk band Rotteiler The Best (now known as “Geek Skull”). I picked up the GoPro 3D kit as soon as it came out and got together with these guys in their studio for this shoot. Some production notes below. Enjoy!

Rottweiler The Best – “All Night Radio” in 3D.
Wear your 3D-glasses like this: [–[RED]–[BLUE]–]

Rottweiler The Best – “All Night Radio” in 2D

Watch on YouTube’s 3D player in various formats, including 2D:

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Bieber Tweets

That’s right, JB himself decided to pull a litle prank on April Fool’s. With a domain name like how could anyone resist? Be sure to click the image below to see something awesome:

Justin Bieber Twitter You Got Biebered

Everyone in the world is getting Biebered:

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Lawrence has decided that the moustache needs to stay.

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