Check out my submission for the McDonald’s McRib video contest. I shot this with Sean Kean.

3-D TV

My Official Contest Entry for this year’s Doritos Crash the Super Bowl ad contest.

Director: Keith Hopkin / DP: Russ Heller / Art Direction: Sean Kean

Couch Guy Left: Chris Polansky, Couch Guy Right: Jason Sáenz / Referee: Adam Gerloff / Doritos Girl: Becky Berowski

Special thanks to Kara for letting us use her place!


Crash the Super Bowl (in 3D)

I’ve entered the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl ad contest a few times in the past few years (See Last Year’s entry here).  I decided to throw something together last minute. With the help of Sean Kean’s “SimpleVision”,  Russ Heller and a few of my friends from UCB classes we spent a day shooting “3D TV” in Bushwick. Here are a few stills.

Chris Polansy and Jason Saenz
Chris Polansky and Jason Sáenz
Becky Berowski
Becky Berowski