Klondike Bar Contest Entry (Office DJ)

Here is my submission for the Klondike Bar Video Contest. It’s based on an idea I had earlier this year. Please be sure to visit the Klondike page and rate it!

In the Video:Adam Ghory, Trevor Bittinger, Chris Mittendorf and Vadim Kern as the DJ
Special Thanks to Rebecca for helping out and TargetSpot for the office

Country Crock

I thought for sure that nobody in the rest of the world entered this contest. Dana Sink of Harrisburg, PA just sent me their entry. Back in 1999 some friends and I entered a “make your own commercial” contest for Country Crock Spread. Sounds familiar in today’s viral web marketing world, but back then it wasn’t an easy thing to do. Part of the fun today is that you can see everyone else’s entries.

Here’s mine:
Here’s Dana’s: