I shoot and edit a wide range of things. Here is just a small sampling.

Mashable (2015-Present)

This is a link to a YouTube playlist of videos I have produced for Mashable
(sorted by number of plays)
A lot of them have animals in them.

I have been building miniature sets of my favorite things lately like this:

And Harry Potter fans might love seeing their favorite characters cast as tiny hamsters:

Sometimes when I have a new tech product at the office I like to make amazing content with it:

Sometimes I just want to tell you about a new iPhone:

And sometimes I want to make that a visual experience:

What’s this? Another animal video?! Sure, why not?! This is a parody of the “100 Years of Beauty” series:

We did a deadmau5 interview for facebook live but he was in Canada so I brought Joel to the NY office as best as I could with this set I created:

deadmau5 interview with Sam Sheffer- Produced by Keith Hopkin
Left: deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman), Right: Sam Sheffer


Freelance (2011 – Present)
This is a branded piece I produced for Petcurean:

This is one of three videos I produced for Vornado

This is my 2014 Reel. It is a bit outdated:

This is the first of three of a video series I created called “Dogs in Cars”:

Watch and read about Dogs in Cars