StSanders R.I.P.

Sometimes you come across something brilliant on YouTube that makes you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” So you become inspired and make your own. StSanders isĀ  a true video remixing pioneer who has been denied Fair Use .

“In what has to be the lamest copyright-related takedown in the history of YouTube, someone or something has removed those excellent parody videos that paired video footage of famous guitarists “shredding” with expertly-done amateurish guitar buffoonery.”

read more – Copyright Vampires Delete Guitar ‘Shred’ Videos from YouTube , by By Eliot Van Buskirk

Country Crock

I thought for sure that nobody in the rest of the world entered this contest. Dana Sink of Harrisburg, PA just sent me their entry. Back in 1999 some friends and I entered a “make your own commercial” contest for Country Crock Spread. Sounds familiar in today’s viral web marketing world, but back then it wasn’t an easy thing to do. Part of the fun today is that you can see everyone else’s entries.

Here’s mine:
Here’s Dana’s:

YouTube Copyright Infringement

YouTube Copyright Infringement
I guess you can only get away with remixing copyrighted material for so long. Last year I made a few remixes of the Fox television show depicting “MySpace Tom” as a criminal. I thought they were rather humerous. I reposted the video YouTube is referring to here.

100 Meals

I recently hit 100 meals on the “100 Meals” project. Its’ winding down and maybe there will be more to come. Check it out!