deadmau5 on Facebook Live

This week we had a cool opportunity at Mashable to set up a Facebook Live interview with Joel Zimmerman (aka deadmau5). As a fan of Zimmerman’s I decided I wanted to turn this into something special so I contacted my friends at Looking Glass Factory and they brought over 18 of their glorious 8x8x8 L3D cubes. We stacked them up in the background and let them do their thing – a total of over 9,000 multi-colored LED lights!

I also wanted to do a little something special for Joel’s skype monitor so I cut out some large foamcore mouse ears and lined the edges with laser wire which is one of my new favorite things to use for set design.  Unlike EL (electroluminescent) wire it is VERY easy to work with. Here’s a still from the shoot:

deadmau5 interview
Left: Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5), Right: Sam Sheffer


And if you’d like to see the entire 6/30/2016 interview you can still watch it here:

And here is a sketch I made when planning the set 🙂

The cardboard VR app Joel is plugging in the video is actually pretty cool! You can watch a video and read an article I wrote about it here:

Or just watch this YouTube video:

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