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  1. (Pardon the length & long sentences, please.)
    Hi, KH.
    Thanks for ThatSongSoundsLike.com and its therapeutic potential, for when I feel like pausing the Prime Directive mode, in defense of some specific song(s)/musician(s) of sentimental, etc., value to me personally.
    This comment form on this artworknotavailable.com page, smartly has a CAPTCHA-Code box, & even has a built-in spell-checker function, so for that …good on ya, & thanks!
    I’m only using this form now since ThatSongSoundsLike.com has yet to upgrade to more invitingly having such a form, instead of requiring the use of email from anyone who, if anonymously, might be more inclined to share a proposal for a new entry to help expand that otherwise mostly educational/fun database. For such a form there I suggest also a quantity-limit of characters might help.
    I will keep checking ThatSongSoundsLike.com for such a form each time if some muse strongly enough insists it needs me to share some new such entry’s proposal with you.
    So, here’s the current “new entry proposal” that started this overly wordy comment today:

    “Colbie Caillat’s “Fallen For You” seems similar to Fleetwood Mac’s “Gypsy”, mostly in their riffs near the end (even though “Fallen For You”‘s is semi-buried in the studio mix).
    Rather than being a case of “Homage is one of the most sincere forms of plagiarism.”, this similarity is more likely in this case to be a genuine homage. Agreed?…since Wikipedia.org states that her dad, Ken Caillat, co-produced the “Mirage” album that contained “Gypsy”…~~~~

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