GoPro NY Meetup: Motorcycle

Had a fun shoot with my GoPro Meetup group. We spent a few hours shooting Ark on is motorcycle in Brooklyn. Chris brought one of his quad copters and we tried a few different shots. This is also the first time I decided to shoot in Protune which is GoPro’s higher bitrate (35Mbps) flat color profile (Hero3 Black).  GoPro’s recommended workflow is to run clips through their Cineform application. I’ve done some tests and their software does a nice job of applying the “GoPro look” on the footage. I opted for skipping this step and doing color grading directly in Adobe Premiere to attempt the same look. I started to get myself wrapped up in color grading tutorials and might have pushed a few things too much (or not enough??  I’m still learning this process).

Protune also produces a softer image. Apparently the camera does some sharpening with Protune off. I haven’t  been able to figure out an equivalent unsharp mask setting in Premiere that mimics Cineform or the camera’s non-Protune output.

The 3D text at the end was done with After Effects’ new amazing 3D Camera Tracker feature. It actually analyzes footage and generates a virtual 3D space (great tutorial here:

I’m including both YouTube and Vimeo versions here.  As expected the YouTube compression has done a number on some of these shots while the Vimeo upload is much cleaner.

Directing/Editing: Keith Hopkin, Copter: Christopher Kaczmarzyk [], Biker: Arkadiy Birger
Special thanks to the GoPros who participated in shooting: Lior Burg, Orlando Benedicto, Tom Lassu, Sean Keane
Additional thanks to Magnet Media for providing a “pre-production” meetup space.


direct link: YouTube 

Behind the scenes photos by Orlando Benedicto:

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